Setting up a Document Agreement

Causeway provides the ability for you to set a click-through agreement to any document posted in the Documents repository. This allows you to add things such as license or copyright agreements that users must agree to before downloading the document. To set up a document agreement, follow the steps below. 

  1. In your Document repository, find the document you want to set an agreement (or upload a new document), and go to its Document Details page. The Document Details page can be accessed by clicking on the title of your document from the main documents list. 
  2. Once on the Document Details page, find and click on the link for "Edit Details".
  3. On the "Edit Details" page, check the check-box for "Users must accept the following agreement before they can download this document"
  4. Add the text you want users to read (your Agreement) into the editor field below the check-box.
  5. Click Save
After you set the agreement, users must read and accept the agreement before they can download the document. 
NOTE: Document agreements can only be set up by users with proper permission levels to do so, such as Workgroup Chairs or Site Administrators. 
Screenshot of the Edit Details link found on the Document Details page: