User Type and Status

This page explains how Causeway User accounts, Company, and Company Types work.

User and Subscriber Account Types

As a member of an association using Causeway, your account may be one of the following types:


Your account has normal permissions. You are able to log in to Causeway, as long as your account is still active. You will receive email from mailing lists. If your organization's website or external application shares login credentials with Causeway, you will be able to log in to that site or application as well.

Non-Causeway User

Some organizations have a website or other web-based application which shares login credentials with Causeway.  If your organization has such an application, your account may be in this status.  You are allowed to log in to the linked website or application, but you are not allowed to log in to Causeway itself. You may still be able to subscribe to mailing lists, if your external application allows this.


You are subscribed to mailing lists, but you are not allowed to log in to Causeway or to any external sites that share authentication credentials with Causeway.  If you need to unsubscribe from a mailing list, or to change to daily digest delivery, you will need to contact an administrator.

Personal Account Status

In addition to your account type, you also have an account status.  Your account status can be one of the following:


Your account is active.  You may log in if your account type allows it.  You will receive email from mailing lists to which you are subscribed.

Not Yet Activated

Your account requires activation by clicking a link in your Welcome email. If you cannot find the Welcome email, you may request to have another copy sent.

You may still receive email from mailing lists while your account is in this status. This setting is at the administrator's discretion.

Pending Approval

Your account is waiting for approval from an administrator. You will not be able to log in until you receive this approval. You will be notified when your account is approved or denied.


Your account has been shut down by an administrator. You cannot log in and you will not receive any email from your mailing list subscriptions. If your account is inactive and you believe this to be in error, please contact your site's administrator.

User Quotas

Your Causeway subscription includes the ability to have a certain maximum number of active users.  


In most cases, your Causeway account is part of a larger account for your company.  Your company's membership level determines your permissions in some features of Causeway.  For example, your company's membership level affects:

• Which groups you can join

• Whether you can vote on certain ballots

Companies also have a status of "active" or "inactive."  For example, if a company elects not to renew its membership in the organization, an administrator will make the company inactive.  When this happens,  all user accounts for the company's employees are automatically made inactive as well.

Company Types

For larger organizations, the company list can be categorized into Company Types.  These Company Types represent the membership levels of the organization.  Every company belongs to one Company Type, and all companies within the Company Type have the same permissions.