Infinite Scroll and Other Upcoming Causeway Improvements!

The next version of Causeway is set to be released by March 13th and includes many enhancements. The biggest change is the implementation of infinite scroll in the document repository. This modern user experience allows for very long lists of documents to be elegantly displayed without the need for document lists to be broken into multiple pages. This makes scrolling through long lists of documents easier than ever. As you scroll through long lists of documents, more will load as you reach the bottom of the page (similar to how your Facebook or LinkedIn news feed pages load). We've also moved the Upload Document and New Folder links to the top of the Documents repository; making the user experience more efficient.

We're also launching improved API mailing list subscription features as well as enhancements to the document activity logs. Site Administrators now have more options to control email authentication based on Company Type; making it easier for individuals to sign up if email validation is not necessary. 

Company membership dates can now be tracked within the Admin Panel. Site Administrators, when adding a new member company into the system, will now be able to enter information such as Join Date, Date of Termination, or Date of Board Approval (if applicable). This information is also included in reports you can pull from the system. 

We're excited for these enhancements and are looking forward to more improvements coming in the next few months. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions!